About Aqualgar

Established in 2009 Aqualgar has undertaken a course of affirmation in the market through interesting partnerships between their clients and their represented in the fields of potable water treatment, wastewater and swimming pools.

Our clients has always our best cooperation to resolve the difficulties in optimizing their facilities or the design of new efficient and greener solutions.

We have a technical and commercial tecnitians that work in close collaboration with the customer, identifying problems and providing solutions techno-economic viable value-adding.


Water Analysis

AQUALGAR provides differentiated services for different types of uses. So we can make an assessment of the in situ water conditions or make collections for laboratory testing in accordance with the applicable legislation in force in each situation:
• In situ evaluation of Physical-chemical parameters of water
• Laboratory Analysis of Physical and Chemical Parameters of Water
• Laboratory Analyses of Microbiological parameters
• Screening and combating Legionella

Water Treatment

Provide technical assistance to our customers and recommend appropriate treatments for drinking water, wastewater and swimming pools (public and private). The equipment we represent features of the latest technologies to work in an efficient and environmentally friendly.

Engineering Maintenance

We provide services in the field of Engineering Maintenance extending from the Preparation of Maintenance Plans for each type of facility, through the implementation and management organization of Facilities Maintenance.


SPC® e CTX - Water Chemicals
IDEGIS - Salt Cholorinators
FWT - Control and Dosing


Pure Water Certifcate
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